Bored Human - The First High-Utility Human PFP NFT Project on ETH

Because who wants to pay for yet ANOTHER 8-bit cartoon?

Tens of thousands of cartoon, 8-bit ‘artworks’ hit the Openseas every day. But they lack any real creative spark, blend into the sea of generic NFTs, & often result in a nasty rug pull.

Rohaan and his team have personally experienced rugpulls and were sick of it. The idea of the BoredHuman project came after realizing that the NFT space was missing REAL photographs with ACTUAL helpful utility, where you can KNOW who you are buying from.

The entire team is doxxed, starting with the founder (obviously). We are planning to make a piece of meta-history with our project being the FIRST Human PFP NFT Project on ETH with high-utility (And no, previous rugpulls featuring people’s faces don’t count lol).

Real Photos With Real Props

Rohaan (Founder of Bored Human) was… well, bored. So with inspiration from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), he & his team headed to a photography studio to create their own renditions of the legendary BAYC NFTs using Rohaan’s face & real props.

The 1,500 NFTs consist of Rohaan sitting on a stool with the legendary BAYC props, such as a King’s crown, smoking pipes, Sailor’s hats, & even laser eyes (okay this part might have been photoshopped).

Let’s Talk Utility

We have already developed a dashboard that allows you to track all up-and-coming NFT projects BEFORE they go viral (Only BoredHuman NFT holders will get access to this dashboard.)

With everyone in clear sight on one dashboard, we hope to help the average working person access the NFT space & make a profit before they hear about it on Facebook (because we all know what happens then.. you end up buying high just as the price goes kaput!)

Unlike most projects, we decided to put our money where our mouth is BEFORE launching. We have already paid developers to create this dashboard syncing with NFT utility and it is looking top notch.

Why stop there? We have also added a second utility in our roadmap which will be to develop a deal sniping bot used on marketplaces. Slightly more complex, but we will work with our developers to get it done nonetheless. We aim to release this feature in Q3 of 2022. BoredHuman NFT holders will receive exclusive access to this deal sniping tool.

What Does The Future Hold?

Aside from the useful utilities BoredHuman NFT holders will have access to, there is a BoredHuman V2 collection planned for when the V1 collection sells out. More variants, crazier props and a larger supply. Existing holders of the BoredHuman V1 collection will receive priority access to mint V2.

Marketing prowess – Rohaan and Eri have deep knowledge of marketing having worked with multiple 7 and 8 figure projects. Aside from owning a digital marketing agency, we have scaled up our own personal ecommerce and digital agency brands to crazy heights.

Combined, we will use all available resources and capital to make sure this project is a success and the NFT community is rewarded with a useful contribution in the form of NFT search tools.