The First High-Utility Human PFP Project On ETH

So like most crazy ideas, Bored Human was a result of utter monotony. With nothing to do, Rohaan aka Mr. Bored Human did what all ‘level-headed’ people do… Scroll through your phone for hours at a time!

Before Rohaan knew it, he was in & out of crypto trades (buying high, selling low.. you know how it is). But after seeing the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), genius struck.

Rohaan & his team decided to hit the photography studio & make renditions of their favourite BAYC NFTs – Birthing the first Profile Pic NFT Project on ETH – Bored Human!

What The Fudge?

About The Bored Human

Bored Human is the first Profile Pic NFT project on ETH, making it a piece of meta-history. But there’s more to Bored Human than that. We’ve got a few bonuses in store for all who mint!
  • Marketing Prowess – Rohaan & his team have scaled multiple 7-8 figure projects using their in-house marketing techniques. They will use their wealth of knowledge to make this project a success.
  • A Piece of NFT History – With Bored Human being the first of its kind, it has short & long term holding value as well as being highly attractive to NFT collectors.
  • Access to an Exclusive Dashboard – Holders of a Bored Human NFT will have access to an exclusive dashboard that will keep you updated with the latest upcoming NFT projects all on one platform. We will also be releasing a sniping bot for mints. Perfect for NFT hunters/flippers!


Phase 1 (Q2)
Develop fully functioning NFT calendar dashboard to view the top upcoming vetted projects

Unlike most projects, we will be completing the first phase of our project BEFORE launch. Our team is developing an NFT calendar dashboard which will be available exclusively for BoredHuman NFT holders. This dashboard will feature all the top upcoming NFT projects before they launch, and updated on a weekly basis. We understand people have busy lives and don't have time to spend hours researching, so our team will be researching and vetting projects, compiling the information for you to view be doing this for you!

Phase 1 (Q2)
Release and mint out 1,500 BoredHumans

1,500 tiny pictures of Rohaan AKA Mr. Bored Human. All consisting of REAL props (yes, Rohaan has laser eyes..). In each NFT, Rohaan uses the legendary BAYC props such as

Phase 2 (Q3)
Develop NFT deal sniping bot for marketplaces

We understand the frustration of missing out on mints and not buying NFTs at our desired prices due to sniping bots, so we want to level the playing field. We will be reinvesting a portion of the mint to develop a sniping tool which will be available exclusively to BoredHuman NFT holders. 

Phase 3 and beyond (Q4+)
Launch BoredHuman V2 collection

More variants, crazier props and larger supply! Once the BoredHuman V1 collection is minted out, we will be planning for the V2 launch. Existing BoredHuman NFT holders will receive automatic WL for V2 launch.


The BoredHuman Team

Chief Bore

Rohaan aka Mr. Bored Human.

Entrepeneur, Marketer & Psychologist. Hobbies include sleeping, making memes & chess. 

Chief Buzzkill

Eri aka Mr. Buzzkill.

Head of Marketing. Hobbies include mathematics, bird watching and cooking pancakes.


What the Fudge?

BoredHuman is not just an NFT project, it is a movement. If you've ever been bored in your life, you need to buy this NFT. Just kidding. This project is an affordable, fun and helpful contribution to the NFT community. Inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the BoredHuman team recreate some of their favourite BAYC NFTs.

The project founders are doxxed (obviously), and it is a fun project that is aimed at helping the NFT community through the useful utility.

Absolutely. The entire collection of BoredHuman NFTs were captured over 10 days using a professional photographer in a studio, with REAL costume props. We hope you can appreciate the countless hours of sitting and booty numbness Rohaan had to endure to produce this masterpiece!

Surprisingly, yes. These majestic caterpillars are Rohaan's very own eyebrows and rumoured to contain magical properties.

Legend has it, if you touch Rohaan's eyebrows you will be bounded with infinite luck in finding 1000x moonshot tokens.

(Just kidding, please don't touch my face if you ever see me).

Aside from holding a piece of Meta-History (The first human PFP project on ETH), Holders of the BoredHuman NFT will be able to access an exclusive dashboard on the website (after connecting metamask and verifying they own an NFT). This exclusive dashboard will showcase the top upcoming NFT projects, all in one place (updated regularly by our research team). This is the phase 1 utility which will be ready pre-launch.

Phase 2 utility will be the development of a sniping bot that will also be accessible by NFT holders through the website. Holders will be able to use the tools for sniping other NFT mints and NFT trading platforms by setting buying parameters. 


We're always open to collaborating with other projects or KOLs. 

If you'd like to get in touch, drop us an email at manag[email protected] or send us a direct message on our socials. 

Soon. We're all gonna make it.

(Not financial advice. Do your own research. Some will make it, most won't).